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The Young Adult Volunteer Program (YAV) provides an opportunity for young adults, age 18-30, to serve in communities of need for a year, practice simple living in intentional community, and participate in meaningful vocational discernment. The YAV program is open to any person of faith or good will who wants to partner with the Presbyterian Church to provide valuable community service and learn in a community of volunteers and experienced mentors.

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New blog/Blog Nuevo by James

Monday, January 19, 2015 Gracias por tu interes y apoyo en mi vida y trabajo con Frontera de Cristo en la frontera. Thank you for your interest and support in my life and work with Frontera de Cristo on the border. Puse algunos fotos de posadas y mi blog nuevo. I posted some photos from posadas and my […]

When Philanthropy Isn’t Enough

Feb. 17, 2015 Talking to my cousin, Lena on the phone today, we shared thoughts on whether service is doing more good for our own personal gain or the communities we are serving…..what are your thoughts? Originally posted on back to bagels: I started following Humans of New York sometime when I was in college. […]

Everything You Should Know About CHRPA In One Blog

Saturday, February 14, 2015 Hanbyeol and I spoke at our job’s Annual Meeting last night. Below is a very serious speech that we wrote together reflecting on the past 5 months of working at CHRPA. H: On Sept. 3, 2014, Allie and I started our CHRPA story. We will not tell about EVERY day and every job, but […]

Because I’m Happy by Grace

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2015 Because I’m Happy Getting to Know Tucson: Recently, I feel like I have turned a corner.  I feel more happy and comfortable in Tucson.  Between my work schedule, YAV activities, and Christmas vacation I was out of town almost every weekend in November and December.  During January, I actually got a chance […]

Assumptions Enforced by Grace

SUNDAY, JANUARY 18, 2015 Assumptions Enforced (or not)I work at BorderLinks leading educational trips or delegations that introduce people to the border and immigration issues.  Groups come from colleges, graduate schools, seminaries, and churches across the country.  During a delegation, participants meet with different immigration stakeholders such as immigrant-led political organizing groups, border patrol, and […]