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The Young Adult Volunteer Program (YAV) provides an opportunity for young adults, age 18-30, to serve in communities of need for a year, practice simple living in intentional community, and participate in meaningful vocational discernment. The YAV program is open to any person of faith or good will who wants to partner with the Presbyterian Church to provide valuable community service and learn in a community of volunteers and experienced mentors.

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Rest for the Weary.

On my way home from CHRPA. My housemates, Hanbyeol and Allie also work here. We ride roughly 7.4 miles to work, do physical labor all day and then bike home 7.4 miles. Did I mention that today reached 97°F? “My yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Matthew 11:30 These sunny days in Tucson, […]

The Things I Did Not Learn in College by Emily

This happened one year ago. June 1st, 2014….a day that will go down in infamy. Well, to me it will. For many other Facebook countless friends of mine, they will also have (or have had) a similar day. However, this is not the reality for millions upon billions more people around the world. On my […]

Finding Our Belovedness Within Community

 Long time, no blog! I’m back and ready to write! This is a “sermonette” that I given on several speaking events that I attend with my fellow Tucson Borderlands YAVs, Grace, Hanbyeol and Allie. We are collectively from Texas, Maryland, South Korea, San Francisco, Alabama and Connecticut. On the Myer-Briggs spectrum, our community is a […]

10 Things I’ve Learned as a Freshman in Real Life

This weekend many of my friends from Davidson College will graduate. Seeing their excitement and apprehension has reminded me of my graduation and encouraged me to reflect on my first year of life as a college graduate. Congrats Wildcats! 10 Things I’ve Learned as a Freshman in Real Life Work doesn’t change every 16 weeks: […]

So what do I actually do? by Grace

SATURDAY, APRIL 4, 2015 Now that I have led several delegations, I’d like to explain what I actually do at BorderLinks.  As many of you know, I lead college, graduate school, and church groups on immersive trips to the border to learn about immigration issues, history, and policy.  I have worked with diverse groups from […]