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The Young Adult Volunteer Program (YAV) provides an opportunity for young adults, age 18-30, to serve in communities of need for a year, practice simple living in intentional community, and participate in meaningful vocational discernment. The YAV program is open to any person of faith or good will who wants to partner with the Presbyterian Church to provide valuable community service and learn in a community of volunteers and experienced mentors.

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Learning Through Frustration (and a lot of trash)

By Jake So! Everything is still going quite well here in Agua Prieta. However, I would like to share a couple of things that have happened and the insight they gave me into this crazy thing called a YAV year. Earlier in the week, Chris and I were transporting some blankets across the border to […]

My mini-sermon at St. Mark’s Presbyterian

By Chris This past weekend, Jake, Brenda, Melissa and I went to Tucson to help out with a fundraising event Friday night at St. Mark’s Presbyterian, to benefit both  Cafe Justo (the coffee co-operative here in Agua Prieta) and a local family-run pottery business.  We were also invited to give a sermon in front of […]

Weekend(s) Update!!

 OCTOBER 20, 2015 by Jake Greetings all!! This blog post is about to cover a looooot of things (two whole weekends worth!!) so I hope you’re ready. Two weekends ago, we had this amazing art festival come to town! It was odd at first because Douglas/Agua Prieta don’t have many people but it turned out to […]

Rediscovering Home by Grace

MONDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2015   Art by the border wall in Nogales, Mexico About two months ago, I said goodbye to some of my best friends.  I wrote letters, crafted poems, and put together gifts to express how much each of these friends and coworkers meant to me.  Then, with a tight jaw and head […]

Goodbye to BorderLinks by Grace

  Posted: 10 Oct 2015 01:24 PM PDT It was hard to say goodbye to my coworkers at BorderLinks who helped me grow and made me laugh.  I wrote the this little poem to express my deep gratitude for them and their work.  I’m no poet, but I do like them. BorderLinks Staff Spring 2015 […]