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The Young Adult Volunteer Program (YAV) provides an opportunity for young adults, age 18-30, to serve in communities of need for a year, practice simple living in intentional community, and participate in meaningful vocational discernment. The YAV program is open to any person of faith or good will who wants to partner with the Presbyterian Church to provide valuable community service and learn in a community of volunteers and experienced mentors.

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YAV Sunday at Southside Presbyterian

  Kathryn, Stephanie (YAV Alum), Amy Beth, and Heather Each year the Tucson Borderlands YAVs take time to reflect on their experience as Young Adult Volunteers, and sometimes share their experiences through stories and sermons at churches. This is a link to the audio of the sermon shared by Kathryn, Amy Beth and Heather at […]

This is the Body, Broken for Us- Alison Wood

 June 15, 2014 by Alison Wood In the Communion service, there has always been one part that is my particular favorite. At the church I attend now, it happens right at the end of the meal. When the elders have returned the elements to the table, after they have eaten the bread and drunk the […]

Sanctuary Update by Kathryn

Wednesday, May 28, 2014  Sanctuary Update: Petition the Obama Administration to Close Daniel’s Case!   Good morning, friends! Today is a high of 106 here in Tucson. 106. Fifty degrees hotter than the high in the Grand Canyon where we YAVs retreated to last weekend – it even sleeted on us for a few minutes. […]

Sanctuary, Part Two by Kathryn

Originally Posted May 14 Yesterday, I was proud to be a witness to a profound act of faith, conscience, and true family values. If you are not currently in Tucson, it was perhaps easy to miss this Tuesday article… Tucson church ready to offer immigrant family sanctuary today If you are wondering why I write “Part […]

Stories by Amy Beth

Until recently, I had forgotten a piece of why I became interested in and passionate about “immigration issues.” When people inquire why I picked Tucson as my YAV placement, I tell them that I was called to the borderlands. I tell them that I learned about the causes, the push and pull factors of immigration […]